Creative Projects

Hypermedia Mirrors

"I would like you to explore the aesthetic and conceptual possibilities of procedural and/or interactive media. Using the internet as your medium (specifically the p5.js programming environment) I would like you to create a work that explores an idea through interactivity (mouse, keyboard, sound input for example) or through automated procedural steps (e.g. for loops, if/else statements, functions). You can use images, videos and/or sound in your P5 sketches and/or you can create audio/visual media from scratch in P5 as generative art. The topic or theme for this assignment is the nature of the internet. How do we turn it into something unexpected."

For this project I used the ML5.js library to create a style transfer application based on Fast Style Transfer by Reiichiro Nakano. The application only contains two styles from models pretrained by other creative coders working on the fast style transfer algorithm. The two styles available are The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai and Udnie by Francis Picabia. In the application you can switch between styles, upload the image you want stylized, and then hit the style button. The application will then display your image restyled with the style of the artwork you chose.